Students of the Week


Monday 12th June - Friday 16th June

We are so proud of all our pupils this week and their efforts towards making 'Annie' such a huge success!


St. John's Primary School

49 Bay Rd, Carnlough,


County Antrim,

BT44 0HJ


T: 028 2888 5646


Primary 6

Miss L McAllister

Mrs L McCracken  

Primary 6 Teacher

Welcome to Primary Six


"Scroll up, scroll up" and find out about the best class in St John's Primary School. If you have "sixth sense" for learning, come and join us. Our class has 13 girls and 6 boys and our teacher is called Mrs McCracken. I think our P.6 class is the best in the school, it has the best view as we can see the sea and the chapel as we learn fun things.  Come and join us and see all the interesting topics we are taught each and everyday.


Throughout a normal week at school, Mrs McCracken teaches us many different subjects. These include English, Maths and Science and we have many interesting discussions within each area. One of my favourite things is taking part in reciprical reading where we get to develop our skills in understanding the true meaning behind the story. We also like to learn about History and recently our teacher Mrs McCracken has chosen World War II as our main tropic of discussion.


To date we have learned about how cities and people have dealth with the many bombs and what life was like living in underground bomb shelters. We also know a little about the man behind the war. His name was Hilter, a very evil man with a large army of soldiers behind him.


So come along and enjoy some "McCracken" in our class.



Michaela Armstrong