Access Keys:

St John's Primary School, Carnlough

Fire Drill

Will take place at least once a term

Target time to evacuate the building should be 2.5 min

In the event of a fire, the principal or someone acting on her behalf will ring the emergency services


Assembly/Safety Point is the Church Car Park.


Exit Strategy for Classes and Kitchen Staff

P5/P6/P7 classes will leave school by the front door

P3 & P4 will leave by the fire door outside P1 classroom

P1 & P2 will leave by their respective back doors

Nursery children and staff will exit by the fire door in the nursery

 Kitchen staff will leave either by the back door of the kitchen or the fire door in the dining hall


NB This exit strategy, of course, can only be acted upon when these exits are clear of any danger


Fire Drill Routine

Teachers should have attendance sheets at hand and bring them to the assembly/safety point in order to check by taking a roll call that everyone in their care has safely evacuated the building

 Teachers should ensure there are no pupils in either the boys’ or girls’ toilets before leaving the building

Teachers, children and all other members of staff need to be clear about the exit strategy and in particular which exit is specific to them in the event of a fire.

Children in particular should be taught never to panic and to leave the building in an orderly fashion

 No-one should attempt to enter the school again until told that it is safe to do so