Access Keys:

St John's Primary School, Carnlough

School Rules

1. Respect yourself, others and school property at all times

- Spitting, fighting, stealing, name calling, bullying and bad language will not be tolerated

- Respect each other, teachers and all those who work in the school.

- Do not drop litter

- Take pride in the school environment


2. Pupils must never do anything that would injure themselves or others

- No rough play

- Keep within allocated areas during break and dinner time.

- Use equipment safely and for its intended use.


3. Wet Days

- Behave in a quiet and sensible way so there will be no accidents

- Keep the toilets clean and tidy.


4. Eating in School

- No eating during class without permission

- Do not leave the dining-hall until you are finished and told to leave


5. At Doors Give Way to Adults

- Pay particular attention to visitors

- Children should not open the front door to anyone.


6. Leaving School

- At the end of the day leave the building quietly and orderly

- Never leave the school or  your classroom without permission


7. Punctuality

- Always arrive and return to class at the correct times


8. Uniform

- Wear your uniform at all times in school

- Wear your uniform when representing St John’s in other places


9. Telephones

- Do not bring mobile phones to school