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St John's Primary School, Carnlough

Easter Fun for P1

2nd Apr 2020

Good Morning boys and girls, 

I hope you are all enjoying your home learning experience. Your mummies and daddies have been emailing me your fantastic work to show me how well you are all doing. I am super proud of you all!  I love your finger spaces in your sentences, your creative practical numeracy lessons and all your topic/craft ideas.  They make me smile everyday!

Here are some lovely Easter activities for you to do next week.


Monday  - Download the ebook "Brendas Boring Egg"

-Read the story, discuss it, talk about the pictures etc. Focus on the rhyming words on each page.

-Activity- Draw your own patterned egg (get ideas from the story) and then draw what your chick looks like when hatched. Orally explain the meaning behind the story- discuss feeling and emotions.

Tuesday- The Easter Bunny has visited your kitchen during the night and left a letter for you. (Please make up a letter for your child and make a big deal of it- I would usually decorate it, put Easter decorations around it and paint paw prints on the floor out the backdoor but this is just an added extra to build excitement and imagination, it's not a necessity.) The purpose of your letter is to tell your child that the bunny has hidden eggs, decoration eggs, mini eggs, boiled eggs, chicks or anything Easter related outside beside certain objects with particular sounds.  You then give the child clues of where you have hidden the eggs using beginning sounds.  They will use their sounds to help them find the eggs.  If they find all the eggs they get an Easter bun/egg or whatever you wish as a treat. (Don't hide more than 10 eggs.)

Wednesday- Refer back to Yesterday's letter from the Easter Bunny and write back a reply to him with an Easter wish that you would like to come true, it can be anything, let your child be imaginative! (Encouraging neat handwriting, finger spaces, attempting to spell small words using their sounds and remembering a full stop at the end of a sentence.)



Monday- See the worksheet attached to images (you can make your own if you wish.)See instructions at the top of it.  It is based on revision of number recognition, number before, between and after.

Tuesday- straight forward counting worksheet using touch counting. See images attached, pink worksheet is an extension and only use it if your child is ready for it, you can use a number line to help write the total number. (Worksheet also available to print from (Type Easter theme counting worksheet into search bar) - Easter themed counting memory game

Wednesday- As part of your daily exercise walk, collect some pebbles from the beach. Take them home and use a felt tip to number a set from 0-10. Sequence them in order. (Extend to starting at number ten and counting backwards to zero.)  

Paint the rest of the pebbles that are left over (or use felt tip),pretend they are little coloured Easter eggs, when they are dried use them to make sets.  Parent makes up the questions E.g Make me a set higher than 9, Make me a set lower than 6, make me 2 sets the same/that are equal. 

Then get the children to grab a handful of pebbles in each hand and set them in two different piles- question your child- which set has more/less?  How can you tell without counting? Now count to see if you are right. Repeat this activity several times.

*Please ensure you are constantly reinforcing the mathematical language used above.*

(Make sure you work within the number range that your child is familiar with.)


Grow in Love- The Easter Story-

Arts and Crafts (optional)

  • Make your own Easter Bonnet
  •  Make a nest for your chick's eggs using natural materials
  •  Design your own boiled egg then roll them down a hill with the rest of your family and see who wins.
  • Make an Easter card for Miss Donnelly/ Michelle and send us a picture of it. (I'm really looking forward to seeing all your lovely handwriting in these cards.)    


My email address is

In the meantime happy learning, stay safe,keep smiling and Happy Easter!


Missing you all loads!

Miss Donnelly