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St John's Primary School, Carnlough

PTFA Update

3rd Jun 2019

Just a short update to give everyone a progress report on the work of the PTFA.  Since 1st November 2018 until 28th May 2019, the PTFA has raised£4,458.41 and spent £5,090.84.  That is a brilliant amount we have raised and is due entirely to the generosity of you, our parents and friends.  The PTFA would especially like to thank you all for your ongoing support of our new fundraising initiative, 'Half the Pot' which in the four weeks it has been running, has averaged a weekly income of £152. 

However, the main purpose for all this fundraising is to spend it on resources that improve the education of our children and help our teachers to deliver quality lessons which give our pupils the best possible opportunities and the most unique experiences.  Earlier in the year, the PTFA set itself targets and one of them was to replace at least one, if not two classroom projector(s)/whiteboard(s) at a cost of approximately£4000 each, while at the same time, funding a range of other important projects and requirements as requested by both the teachers and the pupils including: AR fees and books, a donation to the school council to spend on resources for the whole school, dictionaries, a mobile speaker and transport costs to name just some of them.   At the moment, the PTFA is on target to deliver one new projector/whiteboard along with the £5000 plus that has already been spent. 

We hope this update will give you an insight into how the money raised by the PTFA has been used, and will encourage you to keep supporting our fundraising efforts for the remainder of the year, especially the upcoming June Fair on Saturday 15th June.  Thank you.